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How to frame your photo puzzle

Our exclusive aluminium frame is not only very elegant, but offers -due to the first class cut glass* and the strong hardboard on the back- optimal protection to your photo puzzle. And the best thing is that you don’t have to glue the jigsaw pieces at all. Thanks to that you're able to get the jigsaw out of the frame at any time in order to enjoy putting the puzzle together once again. In this case you can enjoy your favourite photograph in a different way and you may repeat the puzzling fun.

But how do i get this jigsaw into the frame without having the pieces falling apart? We will answer this question below.

How to start:
First you should arrange a solid and movable surface for the jigsaw to be put on. Only with such a surface the jigsaw can easily be put into the frame. In order to being able to turn it around after the jigsaw has been completed, this surface should be only just a bit larger than the jigsaw. The advantage of a movable surface (eg a piece of cardboard) is that you can make a break and clean the table.

Company building puzzle

1. Here's our example puzzle, being put on a piece of cardboard already.

Puzzle behind glass

2. Take the glass from the frame and put it on top of the jigsaw, just as shown in the picture here.


3. Pick up the surface on which you have put the jigsaw, together with the puzzle and the glass and turn it around carefully. Please do remember on which side the top of the photograph is. Take care that you press the surface and the glass together very firmly, so that the jigsaw pieces have no chance to fall out. With the help of a second person this turning around is of course much safer. After having turned the glass and the jigsaw, just put it all face down on the table and take away the surface on which the jigsaw originally had been put.

Frame back

4. Take the frame backboard and put it on the back of the jigsaw with the clips and the hang up connections upwards. We hope that you still remember on which side the top of the photograph was placed, that’s the side on which the hang up connections should be. The two different hang up connections allow hanging up landscapes as well as portraits.

Connect back with the frame

5. Finally the glass front with the backboard and in between the jigsaw can be put carefully into the frame.

clips on the frames back

6. Push each of the 10 clips slightly down and attach it to the frame. And that’s it! You’re ready after all the clips have been tightened. You have just framed your photo puzzle.

photo puzzle framed

7. The only thing left to do is to find a suitable place for your artwork.

photo puzzle on the wall

8. A photo puzzle can be called artwork if it is presented this way.

* For security reasons the frame for the photo puzzle with 2000 pieces is produced with high quality synthetic glass.