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Prepare a Puzzle Advent Calendar

Puzzle Advent Calendar

Product ratings:
2 poetic calendar lay-outs
200 pieces, distributed over 24 boxes
27 cm x 39 cm x 6 cm
Optionally with candy
Product description
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Product description

Advent is the start of the Christmas season; The Advent Calendar is a countdown to Christmas Eve and starts on the 1st of December. The Advent Calendar has 24 boxes and every morning the box with the corresponding number may be opened to find another surprise.

This advent will be quite different. With a Puzzle Advent Calendar, you provide the necessary variety. This new product is only available in our shop. The 24 boxes filled with the puzzle pieces made of your photo – every day a few pieces that of course belong together and show a small part of the puzzle that completes on Christmas Eve.

Is there something more exciting than a jigsaw puzzle, whose content you do not know? Children as well as family and friends will enjoy this. Our unique advent calendar is the perfect surprise idea, which turns advent into adventure.

The daily puzzling joy will shorten the waiting for Christmas and raises the pleasant anticipation.

The Puzzle Advent Calendar is available with 200 puzzle pieces from £29.99 – If you want, we may put candy into the boxes, in addition to the puzzle pieces. You may choose from one of three different candy sets.

Recommended age

From 5 years

This is how it works

This is how it works step 1
  1. Upload the image for the photo puzzle
This is how it works step 2
  1. We produce your photo puzzle
This is how it works step 3
  1. ... and distribute the pieces over the calendar boxes.

Size of the advent calendar

Size of the advent calendar

Size of the advent calendar boxes

Size of the advent calendar boxes

Size of the puzzle pieces

Size of the puzzle pieces

Size of the completed puzzle

Size of the completed puzzle

Size ratio

Size ratio

Exquisite candy

In the ordering process there is an option to add candy to your Puzzle Advent Calendar.

Regarding to the candy we have decided to take premium products from the following manufacturers:
Ritter Sport

and this is why we recommend the Puzzle Advent Calendar...

Ideal gift

This advent calendar is only available from us. It is much more original than a regular advent calendar from a store. With it you sweeten the recipients Christmas season. This really makes you succeed in surprising on Christmas Eve.

Suitable for anyone

There is a brilliant printed childlike and a neutral layout. The boxes are easy to open, even for children`s hands. The puzzle pieces are quite large, which makes them suitable for children and the elderly. Putting a jigsaw is fun, it promotes the mental fitness and motor skills.

Last year the most wanted

It comes only in limited numbers every year. The boxes can be filled additionally with your own little things. If desired we may ship a tailor made frame for the photo puzzle within the same parcel as well.

Tips & ideas

  1. Did you know that we only put puzzle pieces into the boxes that belong together? This ensures that the gifted will find a harmonious photo puzzle part every day. There are daily 8 pieces to put and the final 16 pieces on Christmas Eve.
    24 days with 24 mini puzzles.
  1. You think that the Puzzle Advent Calendar is quite exciting, but you just do not have the sparkling idea for a suitable image. We have arranged some design ideas for you – for children as well as for a beloved one, for your Grandparents or a friend. Here is our image top 10 for the Puzzle Advent Calendar:
Motif love message

You would like to give your darling something very special? Why not let him or her put a jigsaw with common memories. Put a small love message on top and conquer his or her heart (once again)! Even a proposal of marriage is possible this way.

Motif holidays

Especially in the wintertime we love to think back of our last common summer holidays. Why not take a nice holiday image for the photo puzzle in your advent calendar. During the advent time, your puzzle grows and shows from day to day more from your holiday image. Oh Dear, what a perfect memory!

Motif child

If you recently have become parents, we are sure that your partner will be most happy with a jigsaw made of your child´s picture and we think that the grandparents love to spend the advent time putting a puzzle of their grandchild as well.

Motif voucher

You are looking for an original gift or you would like to thank someone? Invite him or her for a wellness weekend, a picnic or a concert and just put the invitation in one of the calendar boxes. Like this, the anticipation and the surprise will be doubled.

Motif pet

As usual, the kids are the ones that get an advent calendar. What kind of jigsaw your dearests would be looking forward to? Maybe a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of their pet or together with their best friend. You surely know what your children like.

Motif Christmas

Spreading the Christmas atmosphere during advent done in a classic way. The Christmas tree from last year was a beauty? You have built a snowman? Why not take such a photo for the 200 pieces photo puzzle and enjoy that pretty view a second time.

Motif pet new

Our four-legged friend will get a place of honour this the advent calendar. Our proposal: let the receiver put the puzzle with the new pet first. The new family friend may then jump out of the gift box – for real – on Christmas Eve!

Motif Family

The family is your most important thing in life? Well, a picture with the whole family indeed looks great on a puzzle. This year's advent the photo puzzle could be assembled piece by piece and on Christmas Eve all the family members could see it.

Motif school friends

The advent calendar is quite popular among school friends. In fact, there is always a funny image from e.g. the last school trip or the sports festival or the prom. One thing is sure; your school friend will be over the moon.

Motif colleagues

We really spend a lot of time with our colleagues. What about a photo puzzle made from the last project final inside the advent calendar? Small gifts keep the friendship warm and strengthen the team spirit.

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Puzzle accessories

Puzzle Frame
£24.99 £22.99
Puzzle Glue
£5.99 £5.39
Puzzle Mat
£14.99 £13.49

Frequently asked questions

How do I order my personal Puzzle Advent Calendar?
Please start with the upload of the photo for the photo puzzle. After that, choose one of the two advent-calendar- layouts and select a candy set if you wish candy to be put into the advent calendar in addition to the puzzle pieces.
Is it possible to have my own picture on the front of the Advent Calendar?
We are very sorry, but only the photo puzzle can be personalised.
Do the puzzle pieces from one box fit together?
Only pieces that belong together are put together in one box. The result is a matching part of the photo puzzle on every advent day.
Do I have to fill the advent calendar with candy?
No, you may as well order the advent calendar with only puzzle pieces inside.
Is it possible to put more puzzles in one calendar?
No, the production process allows us only to distribute one photo puzzle over the advent calendar boxes.
All prices include VAT and exclude postage.