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Photo Puzzle with 2000 pieces

Create your photo puzzle with 2000 pieces

Estimated delivery date:
Fri, 24/02/2017 – Mon, 27/02/2017
+++ A real jigsaw with your photograph +++ 100 - 2000 pieces +++ Different box layouts with a personal dedication +++ Watch our video

Product details 2000 pieces photo puzzle

Size: 90cm x 67cm
Exciting, even for experienced puzzlers
Beautiful box layouts for
different occasions
£39.99 £37.99
Estimated delivery date:
Fri, 24/02/2017 – Mon, 27/02/2017

Product description

Extraordinary photos need extra room, an extraordinary lot of room. Our jigsaw puzzle with 2000 pieces is currently the largest photo puzzle on the market that can be personalised with your photo or a photo collage. Put your most beautiful photo in an almost 6000 cm2 large showcase. Imagine; this is more room than you would find on nine A4 papers. Whether you give the jigsaw puzzle as a present or have it for yourself; a photo puzzle with 2000 pieces is a guarantee for long-time puzzling fun, particularly for ambitious puzzle friends. An extraordinary puzzle for extraordinary moments.

Tip: You will find your photo puzzle divided into two bags, each of them containing 1000 pieces. This gives you the possibility to determine how difficult putting your jigsaw will be. Either you start with putting the first 1000 pieces, then subsequently the next 1000 pieces and at the end you connect both parts, or you mix the content of both bags and put all 2000 pieces in one part.


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