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Photo calendar

Create your Photo Calendar

A4 £16.99
Square £16.99
Portrait £24.99
Landscape Panorama £24.99
A3 £24.99
Square Large £24.99
Create your Photo Calendar
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Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017

Photo Calendar

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1 title page, 12 month pages
Paper weight: 200 g/m²
4 Calendar styles
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from £16.99
Estimated delivery date:
Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017
Product description
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Product description

A photo calendar is a useful decoration on your wall - or on the wall of a friend, who you would like to surprise with an original gift. At every sight, you remind beautiful moments. A year contains so many important happenings. Our photo calendar is well prepared for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, no matter what dates: just mark them with an individual text box and you will not miss a single important happening any more.

Just like the classic wall calendar you may choose one of your own images for every month. The suitable size and layouts for placing your pictures in are available in our photo calendar designer.

Minimum resolution:

Please take care that the photographs that are meant for the photo calendar do have enough resolution. Enough for them to come to best advantage. Pictures with a minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest site are sufficient for photo calendars with the size A4 and Square. For a photo calendar with the size A3 and Large, it should at least have 2500 pixel on one site.


You may choose from 8 different photo calendar sizes. You can make your choice when starting to create your calendar with the help of the design software.

Photo Calendar portrait and landscape
A3 Portrait A3 Portrait 297 x 420 mm £24.99
A3 Landscape A3 Landscape 420 x 297 mm £24.99
Square Large Square Large 297 x 297 mm £24.99
Landscape Panorama Landscape Panorama 210 x 420 mm £24.99
Portrait Portrait 420 x 210 mm £24.99
A4 Portrait A4 Portrait 210 x 297 mm £16.99
A4 Landscape A4 Landscape 297 x 210 mm £16.99
Square Square 210 x 210 mm £16.99

Tips & ideas

One's dates on the Photo Calendar

Scheduling becomes interesting

A year is full of important dates and deadlines. Why not highlighting them a bit. Our photo calendars are prepared with flexible calendar areas. Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, public holidays or whatever happening: Mark them with individual specifications or symbols and you will never forget those important dates anymore.

Just choose from different calendar styles the one that you like. The best thing is that you do not have to let it start as usual with the month January. This is not an ordinary calendar; it may start whenever you want, for example on the 1st of August. In that case, the person that you surprised with this very original gift may enjoy the calendar until the end of July next year. Thanks to this feature, you may order a calendar independent from the time of the year. This makes the calendar the ideal gift for Birthdays, Mothering Sunday, Valentine's Day and many other occasions, where you want to make someone happy.

The pictures of your favourite year

Select the most beautiful pictures that fit exactly to the most important dates in every month: The birthday of your beloved, your wedding anniversary or the first holiday together. The Photo Calendar may be equal manifold as all your impressions from one year. Just dare to combine your best holiday pictures with atmospheric landscapes from your area or funny snapshots made of family members or friends, together with the best memories from the past year. A calendar with such a variety just cannot be bought somewhere.

As we already mentioned, you may choose which month your calendar will start with. This makes the calendar an original gift throughout the whole year - and of course much more of a surprise, when it does not come as usual at the end of the year, the more because this calendar has been created personally.

Photo Calendar photo scenes
 Photo Calendar quality

Print and quality

Made for your best photographs. We produce our photo calendars with the help of the latest generation of digital printing machines. The calendars are being printed on 200 g/m² double coated premium art paper with a matt refined surface. This turns every photograph into a 365 days lasting eye-catcher. The spiral binding makes it easy to turn the monthly pages - the stable calendar back gives it the necessary hold. A practical hanger makes it easy to put your calendar to the wall. Create the 12 monthly pages and the cover sheet with your own pictures and titles. From several calendar layouts, you may choose your favourite one. Eight different sizes make the Photo Calendar fit harmoniously into every thinkable interior.

Designer software

Creating a Photo Calendar - a piece of cake

The creating of a Photo Calendar really is very easy to do, even if you are not a star on the computer. Thanks to its intuitiveness, the free design software helps you to prepare the Photo Calendar in the twinkling of an eye. Just download the free design software and off you go.

Even when you do not have experience in working with the designing program and you have never done this before, you will not need longer than 30 minutes to have it all done.

After having downloaded the design software you may start to create your personal Photo Calendar immediately. Here are the necessary steps in a short overview:

  1. Download and install the free design software
  2. Choose which product, size and layout
  3. Create the Photo Calendar as you want
  4. Put the Photo Calendar in the shopping cart and confirm the order


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Frequently asked questions

Can i put several pictures on one calendar page?

No matter if you work with or without templates - You may increase the amount of pictures by inserting new image boxes.

What kind of paper is my Photo Calendar printed on?

Your calendar is being printed on 200 g/m² double coated premium art paper with a matt refined surface.

How can i change the calendar style?

On the right side of the design program in the section "photo calendar" you will find the option "calendar style". You may change the calendar style by selecting one of the three other available styles in the dropdown menu.

Photo Calendar as a gift

A Photo Calendar - a beautiful gift throughout the whole year

The Photo Calendar as a gift for Christmas is a real classic, but is this Photo Calendar also a suitable gift throughout the year? Yes of course! Thanks to the fact that you may choose with which month your Photo Calendar will start with, this Photo Calendar is not only a highlight at the end of the year, but also a perfect gift for the rest of the year. Do yourself and others a favour and turn the best memories of the last 12 months into a personal gift with atmospheric photographs from different seasons, with your best holiday pictures or with some funny family snapshots from the past year.

Personalised Calendars - an original gift for you or for others

Create a Photo Calendar yourself - instead of searching a calendar in a boring warehouse assortment every year or instead of accepting that a calendar with advertisements may do the job. In case you would rather see your own photographs instead of the same car-, flower- or landscape pictures, our Photo Calendar is exactly what you have been looking for. The more since a calendar always gets the best place in the house and works 365 days a year. Take your time and create your own Photo Calendar. With our free design software, this is a piece of cake - Just download the free software and start to create. Get the design software

Personalised calendar
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