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Photo Booklet

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Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017

Photo Booklet

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Flexible cover, individually creatable
Stable double backstitch binding
3 different formats
16 - 64 freely designable pages
from £9.99
Estimated delivery date:
Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017
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Product description

After getting used to the convenient way of leafing through your photo collection, you stop wanting anything else. Our Photo Booklets are lightweights. Thanks to the backstitch binding, you may open them very wide. The front and back cover are creatable by yourself. The combination of high quality printing and a very reasonable price turns our booklet into a best choice to start making photo books
A personalised booklet is very popular and has proofed success as a small gift or just to say thank you. It may of course serve your company to present your products or services in a professional way or it might even be used as a wedding newspaper. All this can be realised very easily with the help of our Photo Book designer software.


The photo booklet made in brochure style has a flexible paper cover, that is as thick as the sites themselves. With the backstitch binding it is fixedly connected, the booklet therefore may be opened very wide.
The front and rear site are both printable, which makes them individually creatable.
With the help of our designer software it is really easy to place images and put title or texts on it.


XL XL £44.99
A4 Portrait A4 Portrait £12.99
A5 Portrait A5 Portrait £9.99
A5 Landscape A5 Landscape £9.99
Booklet with brochure style

Price calculator

The price for a photo book depends on the size and the amount of pages. Wit the price calculator you easily get the information about the price of your photo book. Please select the format of your choice and the amount of pages.
Total price:
incl. VAT, excl. postage

Tips & ideas

Application tip

A Photo Booklet is a real lightweight. Just put it in your pocket and take it with you to show your friends - they will certainly be impressed about your photo collection. We are sure it will find a suitable place in your luggage. Take your beloved ones with you on tour, when you travel alone.

Creating tip

Due to the fact that this mini photo book can be opened very widely, the double sites are placed very close to each other. This is the ideal condition for panorama pictures and for photographs that unfold their full benefit on the breadth.

Panorama image on both pages of the opened booklet
Booklet as an advertisement brochure Advertise brochure with grid in software

photo booklet in a professional look

This personalised photo booklet allows you to store your photographs forever in a very elegant way. As a cheap photo book it is always much appreciated as a small gift for family and friends. The booklet's handy format makes it not only ideal for private occasions, but also very suitable for professional use. With this low-cost photo book, you may have sophisticated catalogs or advertising brochures printed for your company or your society and you may even start with an edition of only one booklet.

A convincing advertisement brochure will only reach its goal with a professional design. Our designer software offers you a wide range of tools to help you to manage your project. A grid for example is a very good help to arrange images on the working space. With the amount of lines and columns, you may chance the look of this grid. After having prepared the grid, it is a child's play to align your image and text boxes in order to achieve a consistent layout.

Designer software

Create and order your very personal photo book in just a few steps with the help of our free design software – it's easier than you think . The software program offers a wide range of tools that just make fun.

In just a few steps you create your own photo book:

  • Download and install the design software
  • Select the desired product, format and layout and create your book
  • Put it in the shopping card and confirm the order Designer | photo Book Software


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Frequently asked questions

Which resolution my photographs should have?
The latest digital cameras do already have a resolution between 6 and 16 megapixels. For printing only one page, it is sufficient if the photograph has been shot with a 3-megapixel camera, but if you would like the photograph to be printed on a double page, the camera should at least have 5 megapixel.
If the resolution should not be enough for the prepared frame, you will be informed by a red note bar.
What kind of image files are accepted?
Your photographs should be stored as a JPG, JPEG or PNG-file and they should have the RGB colour room. Normally your camera stores your images with the necessary RGB colour room. If you happen to have images with the CMYK colour room, then you should definitively have them turned into RGB.
Which paper is being used for photo books?
Our photo books are being printed with the latest digital printing on high quality wood free paper. The mat image printing is characterised by a brilliant glare-free colour reproduction. For the Booklet, we use 170g/qm paper.
Which kind of binding is being used for the Photo Booklet?
The Photo Booklet has a saddle stitch binding, also called staple binding. The pages are - similar to note books - being binded with staples.
All prices include VAT and exclude postage.