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Photo Book Linen Cover

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Square from £29.99
Large from £29.99
Large Panorama from £29.99
XL from £52.99
XXL from £57.99
XXL Panorama from £57.99
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Photo Book Linen Cover

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Padded hardcover with text embossing option
6 different sizes
freely designable pages
from £29.99
Estimated delivery date:
Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017
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Product description

A photo book with a stylish linen look. No matter from which point of view; you will always immediately recognize the high standards of workmanship and materials. We offer you six sizes with up to 276 square, portrait or landscape sites on which you can put your creativity into practice - with of course a text embossing option on the front cover. The padded cover gives the book a particularly soft-grip feeling. Let your pictures have the grand entrance.

Cover materials

The photo Book Linen Cover appears with a very exclusive and natural haptic. The hardy linen cover makes it seem to be made for eternity. The linen cover is available in anthracite, dark blue, light brown, red and sand-colour.

With the title embossing option you may give your photo book a very personal touch. For a small extra charge, you can have up to 15 letters embossed. The embossing will be processed in a complex manual procedure and is available in gold, silver or transparent.


The Photo Book Linen Cover is available in six different sizes:: XXL, XXL Panorama, XL, Large, Large Panorama or Square - the appropriate size for every occasion!

Cover materials and embossing
XXL XXL £57.99
XXL Panorama XXL Panorama £57.99
XL XL £52.99
Large Large £29.99
Large Panorama Large Panorama £29.99
Square Square £29.99

Price calculator

The price for a photo book depends on the size and the amount of pages. Wit the price calculator you easily get the information about the price of your photo book. Please select the format of your choice and the amount of pages.
Total price:
incl. VAT, excl. postage

Tips & ideas

Creating tip

The delicate woven linen gives your photo book the character of a classic photo album. This makes it very suitable for milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries or a family chronicle. Get your shoe boxes from the loft and turn your parents' and grandparents' photographs into digital memories. As soon as you show your children or grandchildren this wonderful created Photo Book Linen Cover and tell them the story of the family, you will realise that it was worth the effort.

Holiday pictures perfectly presented

Your holidays - no matter if enjoyed in the mountains or at the beach - always are a guarantee for the best snapshots. With a Holidays Photo Book, these memories will not get lost. You may warm up cold winter nights and relax again by indulging in happy memories. A well-created photo book is something that is definitely more interesting than single photographs on your pc or cell phone and it surely makes your friends and family really want to see which impressing places or attractions you have visited.

Holiday Photo Book

Creating tip

Creating tips for the holiday Photo Book

A Holiday Photo Book looks much more interesting, when you vary the arrangement of your photographs on the different pages. You may place more pictures on one page, one single photograph on two pages, a picture as a background or several photos overlapping each other. Especially these mixed arrangements give it the necessary liveliness.
If you want to show only a part of one of your photographs, then just use the "adjust content" function and cut your image the way you want it.

With the help of the text editor you may put small journey reports beside or below your pictures or just inform about the place and time in order to make the holiday photo book complete. In case you do not have enough photographs, you may of course fill empty spaces with suitable cliparts from the designer software. In line with the topic:
A sun, a starfish or shells. With our easy to use design software, it is a child's play to create a perfect holiday photo book!

Designer software

Create and order your very personal photo book in just a few steps with the help of our free design software – it's easier than you think . The software program offers a wide range of tools that just make fun.

In just a few steps you create your own photo book:

  • Download and install the design software
  • Select the desired product, format and layout and create your book
  • Put it in the shopping card and confirm the order Designer | photo Book Software


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Frequently asked questions

Which resolution my photographs should have?
The latest digital cameras do already have a resolution between 6 and 16 megapixels. For printing only one page, it is sufficient if the photograph has been shot with a 3-megapixel camera, but if you would like the photograph to be printed on a double page, the camera should at least have 5 megapixel.
If the resolution should not be enough for the prepared frame, you will be informed by a red note bar.
What kind of image files are accepted?
Your photographs should be stored as a JPG, JPEG or PNG-file and they should have the RGB colour room. Normally your camera stores your images with the necessary RGB colour room. If you happen to have images with the CMYK colour room, then you should definitively have them turned into RGB.
Which paper is being used for photo books?
Our photo books are being printed with the latest digital printing on high quality woodfree paper. The mat image printing is characterised by a brilliant glare-free colour reproduction. For the standard formats we use 170g/qm paper, for the XL- and XXL-formats we use 250g/qm paper.
How can i have the embossing made on the Linen Cover Photo Book?
Please go (with a double-click) to the detailed view on the cover site in the myphotopuzzle designer. The right mouse-key will lead you to the sub-menu where you choose: Add embossing box. In this space, you may insert a 15 letter counting embossing text. Please note that the embossing can only be made with capitals. You may choose between gold, silver or transparent.
All prices include VAT and exclude postage.