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Photo Book Leather Cover

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Square from £29.99 £26.99
Large from £29.99 £26.99
Large Panorama from £29.99 £26.99
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XXL Panorama from £57.99 £54.99
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Tue, 28/02/2017 – Wed, 01/03/2017

Photo Book Leather Cover – Ideal for the highest of demands

Padded hardcover with text embossing option
6 different sizes
16 - 276 sites free creatable
from £29.99 £26.99
Estimated delivery date:
Tue, 28/02/2017 – Wed, 01/03/2017

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Product description

Your most beautiful photographs at the inside and an outstanding leather structured good looking cover at the outside. This photo book rewards everyone who has gone to great effort with his creation. Professional workmanship combined with an elegant embossing makes it appear timeless and most elegant – perfect for very special occasions.

Cover materials

Leder schwarz

Leather black

Leder dunkelbraun

Leather dark brown

Leder weinrot

Leather burgundy


XXL XXL £54.99 instead of £57.99
XXL Panorama XXL Panorama £54.99 instead of £57.99
XL XL £49.99 instead of £52.99
Large Large £26.99 instead of £29.99
Large Panorama Large Panorama £26.99 instead of £29.99
Square Square £26.99 instead of £29.99