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Photo Book Hardcover

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Compact from £19.99
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Large Panorama from £22.99
XL from £44.99
XXL from £47.99
XXL Panorama from £47.99
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Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017

Photo Book Hardcover

Product ratings:
Designable hardcover consisting of
stable cardboard
7 different sizes
16 - 276 freely designable pages
from £19.99
Estimated delivery date:
Wed, 23/08/2017 – Thu, 24/08/2017
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Product description

The Photo Book Hardcover has the same quality as a real book. The cover consists of very stable cardboard, which slightly protrudes over the outer contour. This effects a perfect protection of the pages inside. These pages are bound at the spine with the help of a very reliable glue binding - making your hard covered photo book provide a very stable impression. We feel confident that it is precisely this sturdiness, which makes this hardcover photo book the most popular personalised photo book.

The last holiday trip, a fairytale wedding or an old collection of family photographs. - Your most beautiful memories will be everlasting after having been captured in a hardcover Photo Book with guarantee.

Designable hardcover

The high quality cover has a refined mat surface, which you do not only see, but feel as well, since this mat surface gives the hardcover with your pictures a special smooth character. The front, as well as the back of the hardcover Photo Book are freely creatable with pictures and texts.

Different sizes

From the special handy format called Compact up to the extraordinary large XXL-format - The Photo Book Hardcover is waiting for you in seven different sizes.

XXL XXL £47.99
XXL Panorama XXL Panorama £47.99
XL XL £44.99
Large Large £22.99
Large Panorama Large Panorama £22.99
Square Square £22.99
Compact Compact £19.99

Price calculator

The price for a photo book depends on the size and the amount of pages. Wit the price calculator you easily get the information about the price of your photo book. Please select the format of your choice and the amount of pages.
Total price:
incl. VAT, excl. postage

Tips & ideas

Usage tips

In case you are looking for a representative photo book, the Photo Book Hardcover is exactly what you are looking for. You may record your holidays or the most important happenings of past years in a yearbook or even complete live sections - for example as a gift for someone's birthday. The Photo Book Hardcover can be touched without hesitating by as many hands as needed. Thanks to the photo book's solidity, the appearance will not suffer.

You have become proud parents recently and you would like to show the new earthling to your friends and colleagues? Just collect your most beautiful photo shootings in a very personal baby book. By doing so, you keep hold of all these very special moments that you had with your baby forever. No matter, if you create the baby photo book for yourself in order to be able to show it to your child after it has grown up, or if you need a really lovely present for Grandma or Granddad - a self-made baby book is always a very good idea.

Baby photo book

Creating tip

Baby photo book with Sepia effect

To upgrade your photo with an image effect, please click within the designer software on the picture that has been placed on the page already and then go to the Image Effect section. In the Image Effect Editor, you will find several effects to choose from. You may try out all of them, just to see how it looks like in the preview. Baby pictures often come to best advantage with the „Sepia"or „Greyscale" effect. Through the deliberate leave of colours those photographs show a more tender charisma. The option "Create effect" allows you to add further image effects and combine them with others. By using monochrome backgrounds or backgrounds from the layout package and combining them with stickers, such as a cloud, a car or a plaster, you are able to tell stories about your baby pictorially.

Designer software

Create and order your very personal photo book in just a few steps with the help of our free design software – it's easier than you think . The software program offers a wide range of tools that just make fun.

In just a few steps you create your own photo book:

  • Download and install the design software
  • Select the desired product, format and layout and create your book
  • Put it in the shopping card and confirm the order Designer | photo Book Software


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Frequently asked questions

Which resolution my photographs should have?
The latest digital cameras do already have a resolution between 6 and 16 megapixels. For printing only one page, it is sufficient if the photograph has been shot with a 3-megapixel camera, but if you would like the photograph to be printed on a double page, the camera should at least have 5 megapixel.
If the resolution should not be enough for the prepared frame, you will be informed by a red note bar.
What kind of image files are accepted?
Your photographs should be stored as a JPG, JPEG or PNG-file and they should have the RGB colour room. Normally your camera stores your images with the necessary RGB colour room. If you happen to have images with the CMYK colour room, then you should definitively have them turned into RGB.
Which paper is being used for photo books?
Our photo books are being printed with the latest digital printing on high quality woodfree paper. The mat image printing is characterised by a brilliant glare-free colour reproduction. For the standard formats we use 170g/qm paper, for the XL- and XXL-formats we use 250g/qm paper.
Can i put a title on the spine?
Yes, the spine can be written on. You may put a title on the photo book spine in order to recognize it quite easily in the bookshelf. Just enter the title in the give spine section. Under "Spine Style" you will find formatting options like font, font colour, font size, font style or background colour.
All prices include VAT and exclude postage.